Microsoft – SQL Server – Database Repair

Microsoft – SQL Server – Database Repair

Many years ago, when your hard-drive crashes you want to look for \ to “Norton Disk Doctor”.

Another excellent tool is Gibson’s SpinRite.

These days, if you are running Microsoft SQL Server you want do the following:

  1. Take regular full and incremental backups
  2. Set your database mode to PAGE_VERIFY CHECKSUM / TURN_PAGE_DETECTION ( Sunil Agarwal – Enabling CheckSum in SQL Server 2005 )
  3. Pay attention to your SQL Server Error Logs and OS Event Viewer Log
  4. Review your HBA Cards (QLogic / Brocade) Logs
  5. Understand everything in your IO Path (Placement of your data & log files, configuration of your HBA cards, Anti-Virus Tools certification for your OS, File System Filters [compression, Security \ encryption])
  6. And, most importantly friend Paul Randle who wrote most of the original DBCC CheckDBs) in SQL Server

Please per-use the references listed below.


  1. Repair vs Restore Dileama
  2. Paul Randle – Repair
  3. Paul Randle – Unexpected consistency checks
  4. How to troubleshoot Msg 824
  5. How to trouble Database Consistency errors
  6. Understanding and managing the suspect pages table
  7. SQL Server Page Restore
  8. Single User Mode in Mirrored Database

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