Mac – Printing to Windows based Printer – Error Message – “You entered an invalid username or password for the server . You do not have permission to access this server”

Had a bit of a tough time printing from Girl Friend’s #1 Mac Laptop to a HP LaserJet Printer.

Here is a bit of background

  1. Mac laptop is Mac OS X
  2. HP Laser J is connected to a USB port on MS Windows 2003 machine.  The Windows box is in a MS Active Directory Domain

To attach to the printer, I do the following:

  1. Launch “System Preferences”
  2. In the “Hardware” section, choose “Print & Scan”
  3. In the “Printers” section, click the “+” sign
  4. In the “Add Printer” window, click the “Windows” icon
  5. My little “Active Directory”\Workgroup Network is discovered.  The domain name is shown in the leftmost panel,  the computers in the domain are shown

But, no printers nor folder shares are shown.

I try to access the printers off one of my boxes.  The name of the machine is SEASHELL.  And, it is acting as our Print Server.

But, I can not connect to it.  The error message I am getting states:

You entered an invalid username or password for the server <servername>.   You do not have permission to access this server.

So here I am thinking “Young one”, you did not even give me the ability to specify a username or password.  And, to make matters worse the error should please give me a hint as to which username is being attempted.

So Googled for help.

And, once again, I found some help.  I should check my keychain.

So launched Finder.

And, accessed the menu items “Go”/”Connect to Server …”:

And, entered the needed information:

  1. Server Address –> smb:<print-server-name>

And, clicked on the “Connect” push button.

Supplied my AD Domain credentials as:

user –> LAB\SomeoneIntheWindow
password –> JohnsonR

Agreed for the credentials to be persisted.

Returned back to “Add Printer” window and thank goodness, now I am able to connect to the Windows based HP LaserJet printer.

BTW, there is an awful lot of printers that the Mac OS ships drivers for.  So take time to see if specific drivers exists for your printer.

Else, for HP laser jet, you can use the PCL5/6 emulation.

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