QuickTime Player – Error Message – A required codec isn’t available

QuickTime Player – Error Message – A required codec isn’t available

Using QuickTime, tried playing some AVI files on Mac OS X, but I keep getting this error message:

A required codec isn’t available.


Clicking on the “Tell Me More” button, landed me @


As I am trying to play AVI files, I chose to try Telestream’s “Flip4Mac” or Divx’s Divx for Mac.

Other web site’s suggests to try http://perian.org/.

Tried Flip4Mac, but no joy.

Next tried Divx’s.  Worked well showing the video, but unable to hear Audio; as this message came up:

You may need an additional audio decoder to play the soundtrack of this file.

This file contains a track in the Dolby AC3 Audio (code “8192”) format.

An earlier Googling had brought me this joy:

Watching AVI Movies in Mac OS

To install the codec, follow the guideline available @


  1. Open Finder
  2. Navigate to “Macintosh HD” \ Library \ QuickTime
  3. Copy the downloaded component “AC3 Codec.component” from your Downloads folder
  4. Restart the computer

You might have to authenticate.

If so, just provide your username and password.

Once I followed the steps, I tried again to play and see if I could the the Audio.

But, still no joy.

And, all I really could mutter is what an opaque system.  It seems QuickTime does not ‘ve a built in Interface for reviewing which codecs are “in-play”.

So hear we go … restarted the system; to ensure that the codecs has the best chance of being used.

Hopefully, on the other side, audio will show up .. or better said … play.

But, upon reboot, still no audio.

So went with Perian.Org.  It installed and I could hear music.

Btw, Perian.Org is no longer in active development.  But, still, the current version is really usable enough.



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