Microsoft – SQL Server – Database Mirroring – Is it really happening?

Microsoft – SQL Server – Database Mirroring – Is it really happening?

In terms of good Technical instrumentation, Microsoft Server tools are reasonable good.

To review the health of your Database Mirroring Session:

  • Launch SQL Server Management Studio
  • From Object Explorer, select the database that is being mirrored
  • Right click on the database
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Tasks”/”Launch Database Mirroring Monitor”
  • The “Database Mirroring Monitor” window soon appears and hopefully the “Mirroring State” reads synchronizing and the “hard-Numbers” at the bottom of the screen shows that data is being generated on the Principal and received at the Mirror

All is good.

But, occasionally the GUI fails you….

And, you get:

What to do:

Well, we can try a different GUI:

  • Launch Performance Monitor
  • From the left panel, select “Performance” \ “Monitoring Tools” \”Performance Monitor”
  • Click the “+” sign (to add counters)
  • The “Add Counters” window appears
  • From the “Add Counters” window add “SQL Server : Database Mirroring”

On the partner node, the pertinent counters are:

  • Redo Bytes per sec
  • Redo Queue KB

If things are OK, you will see data like the one above.

On the other hand, if things are not so good:

Finally used that phrase, “On the Other hand”.

Never meant the same once I heard “Randy Travis – On the Other hand”.

Randy Travis – On the Other hand

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