Google – Chrome – Default Search Engine keeps chaging (in this case to Yahoo)

Google – Chrome – Default Search Engine keeps chaging (in this case to Yahoo)

Google’s Chrome has a rather clean interface.  And, it is usually easy enough to use.

But, lately, every time I search, I find myself @ Yahoo Search.

Usually, I will review my customization settings and ensure that it my Search Engine is still set for Google.

What to do….Stayed with it for a while.

But, this morning opted to dig a little dipper.

Google for what takes Google Search to Yahoo.

Found out that a little Application known as “SearchSettings” by a company known as “Spigot” has been playing with me all along.

Tellingly, I was using one of their Apps to download YouTube Videos.

To remediate:

  • Launched “Task Manager” and kill off the “SearchSettings.exe” or “SearchSettings.exe*32”.
  • Launched “System Configuration” \ msconfig.exe and disabled “Search Settings” from running during Start-up
  • Accessed “Control Panel” \ “Program & Features” or “Add \ Remove Programs” and uninstalled “You-Tube Downloader”

Ensure that you have the proper settings for Google Search in Chrome:

1) Click the wrench icon tools menu on the browser toolbar.

2) Or enter the URL “chrome://chrome/settings/” in your Google URL box

3) In the “Search settings” group box, click on “Manage Search Engines …”

4) In the “Default Search Engine”, ensure that the “Default Search Engine” chosen is “Google” and that the URL resembles:


Keep in mind:

  • YouTube Downloader does not tell you that it is changing your DefaultSearch Provider and that it will keep doing it behind the scene


6 thoughts on “Google – Chrome – Default Search Engine keeps chaging (in this case to Yahoo)

  1. Thank you very much for this clear instruction! It saved me a lot of hassle.
    I downloaded the youtubedownloader from which used to be a very safe download platform for freeware and shareware. Sad to see they let stuff like this slip through….

    • AntonisX – Yes, it is a bit of a put-off to me, as well.

      Hopefully, in time, the parties involved with adjust their positions and review and advise us, the users,

      Thanks for letting we know, we are like minded.


  2. did all that there is no search settings in task manager spigot or utub downloader to remove. so now what. i have run malwarebytes, avast boot scan and vires scan,adwcleaner,rootkiller,advanced system care,spybot search and destroy. none of them have found anything

    • Wayne:

      Interesting problem:

      1) Can you please make the change and restart MS Windows in Safe mode and let me know whether that helps.

      2) Also, please consider running Microsoft – SysInternals – Autoruns for Windows (

      Doing so will hopefully allow you to identify apps that you do not recognize

      3) In addition, consider using the services applet and temporarily disabling non-Microsoft services

      Thanks for aiding the discussion,


  3. Hi Daniel,

    Great! i found a program called searchprotection.exe from spigot in C:\Users\im3\AppData\Roaming (win 7), uninstalled it. Will check how it goes on chrome reboot.



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