Java – JStack

Java – JStack

When reviewing \ debugging a Java Application, one can try to use “JStack”.

JStack principally displays the StackTrace for each thread in an application.

Listed below are a few well-written coverages of this important tool.

  1. Fun with JStack
  2. How to take Thread Dumps from a JVM
    Demoted On:- 2020-October-22nd
  3. JStack / Oracle
  4. Building a JStack Profiler
  5. What are good Java Profiling Tools?

There are a couple of areas to keep in mind:

  1. On a Windows box running a 64-bit OS, you will not be able to “connect” to a 32-bit App running under WOW64. If you try to, you will get an error message similar to “Unable to attach to a 32-bit process running under WOW64”

2 thoughts on “Java – JStack

  1. Hey i am actually trying to use the ATTACH API and am getting the error “unable to attach to 32-bit process running under wow64”. Is there a work-around for this?

    • Sorry I did not do any more research on a 64-bit.

      It is a big to do for me — But, lately more work on Linux systems.

      Thanks for posting.

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