Hadoop – Installation (on Ubuntu)

Hadoop – Installation (on Ubuntu)

Setting up a Quick “Summer” Lab Environment consisting of a lone Hadoop DB Server running on a Ubuntu box.

Later will share some pot-holes.

I suppose potholes in the Digital World are just as bad as the “Real World”.  After the fact, you think back and try to see whether it is really worth documenting or like “Dixie Chicks” sang was it all just about “Taking the Long Way Around”  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtqwL-ZPhAA)

Here are some pertinent links:

Running Hadoop On Ubuntu Linux (Single-Node Cluster)

Hadoop or Hadoop datanode Installation Tutorial (On a cluster)

Getting Started with Hadoop

Getting Started with Apache Hadoop 0.23.0 (Joe Crobak)

Quick install HBase in “pseudo distributed” mode and connect from Java (Dominic Williams)



  1. Ubuntu \ Network Configuration
  2. Environment Variables
  3. Linux User\Group Membership

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