Michael StoneBraker et al discuss No SQL, MapReduce, And Traditional DBMS DBMS

Micheal StoneBraker et al discuss No-SQL, MapReduce, And Traditional DBMS

In a series of Web Articles Michael Stonebraker has been discussing NoSQL (MapReduce

and similar technologies).

Though, his points may seem simple dissin these technologies, but also they do talk about

what is good about NoSQL, what is currently lacking, where they are best used, and

overall technical “potholes” to be aware of.

I first became of Michael when Informix bought Illustra.  And, they were talking about

data blades.  Reading about Illustra was my first initiation into Object DBs and how best

to incorporate other data sources into Traditional DB Systems.

A very tiny introduction to Michael StoneBraker’s contribution to Academia and

Information Technology is accessible via Wikipedia (

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Stonebraker )

Here are some of his noted web postings:

1) Map Reduce & Parallel DBMS – Friends or Foes


2)  The NoSQL Discussion has nothing to do with SQL


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