Microsoft – SQLServer – Database – Log File Utilization

Microsoft – SQLServer – Database – Log File Utilization

To review MS SQL Server Data file organization and size the MS Windows Explorer is one of the first and most accessible tools.

Internal to SQL Server itself, the traditional command has been the “DBCC Sqlperf(logspace)” command.

The command lists each database, the total size of each database’s log files, percentile used, and status.
Various design & technical issues govern the utilization, size, growth pattern, and re-usability of database log files.  Those choices includes:

  1. Database Recovery Settings (SIMPLE, BULK LOGGED, and FULL)
  2. Database Mirroring
  3. Database Replication

Log files are a bit different than data files.  Those differences are due to:

  1. As strict, very time  conscious and related journal entries, Log files are used and accessed serially

Because of there unique qualities, occasionally it is useful to be a bit familiar with database log files current and max sizes, recovery settings, whether they are being freed, etc.

All Databases Log file size & Utilization %

    dbcc sqlperf(logspace)

Current \ Contextual Databases Log file size & Utilization %

    --replace <db-name> with the name of DB
    use <db-name>

              dbname(db_id()) as databaseName
            , type
            , [name] as fileNameSymbolic
            , physical_name as fileNameActual
            , ([size] / 128) as sizeInMB
            , ([max_size] / 128) as maxSizeInMB
            , (fileproperty(name, 'spaceUsed')) / 128 
                as spaceUsedInMB
            , (size - (fileproperty(name, 'spaceUsed'))) / 128 
                as availInMB

     from   sys.database_files tblDatabaseFile



                 (tblDatabaseFile.type = 1)

Determine if any Database Operations is in the way of Log Re-use


            , log_reuse_wait
            , log_reuse_wait_desc
    from sys.databases tblDatabase


  1. The Rambling DBA: Jonathan Kehayias – The random ramblings and rantings of frazzled SQL Server DBA – Getting Log Space Usage without using DBCC SQLPERF
  2. File Property

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