Microsoft – Windows OS – Device Drivers – Inventory

Microsoft – Windows OS – Device Drivers – Inventory

The MS Windows Device Driver Manager is good for listing all the Device Drivers on individual machines.

Just RDP to the box access Control Panel \ Device Manager and you get to see all of your device drivers.  Which Devices are un-recognized, which devices are hidden.

But, one use-case which it does not seem to fully address is when will like to compare the device drivers on two or more machines.

Thus, it was a revealing revealation to come across a couple of blogs (that mentioned DriverQuery.exe)

1) Two Minute Drill – DriverQuery.exe

2) Troubleshooting Windows 7 Drivers in more details with DriverQuery

3) Stephan Wolf – being a device driver pro

4) TroubleShooting Devices in Windows 7 and Server 2008 – R2 

Once you get a listing of the Device Drivers listed on each machine, you might need WinDiff or a similar tool to visually compare the data.

You can also use/FO CSV and /V to get a verbose listing.  Once you have a command delimited verbose file, try using a spreadsheet and order by “Paged Pool”.

This can be useful in determining drivers using the most resources\memory.



      driverquery /V /FO CSV > driverquery.csv

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