Microsoft – Remote Desktop – Screen Sizing Problem

Use Microsoft “Remote Desktop” all day. But, lately have had problems getting the “Screen Size” to probably Scale.

The problem has been discussed quite a bit in the following web posts:

1) Windows 7 remote desktop (MSTSC) client won’t go fullscreen after “restore down”


And, I remember seeing that MS has released a couple of KB to fix.  But, has those KB requires a Server reboot, I am really not has enthused.
And,  so last week I pulled in a co-worker and asked him how does he fix this problem and get his “Remote Desktop” screens to appear nice and neat.

And, he said that they simple use “mRemote”.  I said OK.  And, since mRemote is already installed on our Client Server.  Off I went trying it out, and it is golden.

mRemote is available @

As an aside, that is one good thing about people who offer good & free advice.  Everytime you remember them, you smile and quietly & silently thank them.

And, you share it with others, as well.











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