Sun/Oracle – Java – JDBC Driver – Microsoft / JDBC Driver v3.0

Playing a bit with Java JDBC Drivers this morning.

I needed a quick avenue to play with Java\JDBC Connection URL this morning.

As I did not have a simple, free JDBC-able Query tool on the machine I was using,I downloaded JaySQL from

The GUI is a bit difficult to use, but nevertheless configured it to point to my recently downloaded Microsoft’s JDBC Driver –  It is version 3.0 software and it works well.

Nevertheless, within JSQL I configured the JDBC Connection String and pointed to the DB Server.

But, the tool was just not working it was stuck and not quite working.

So next I tried my more trusted Cross-Platform Database Query Tool, DBVisualizer (

I set up the Driver Manager – pointed at the same JDBC Driver.

And, thankfully, it gave me a much better, cleaner, and revealing error message:

The error message states clearly – Java RunTime Environment (JRE) version 1.6 is not supported by the driver.  Use the sqljdbc4.jar class library…

Thus, configured the Driver Manager to use sqljdbc4.jar



Things worked better.

Now re-intimated with DBViz, I probably should continue using it.

But, to close off, returned to JaySQL…

a] Terminated the existing hung process

b] Re-initiated a new JaySQL process

c] Re-configured the Driver Manager to point to sqljdbc4.jar

And, now things worked better


  1. Microsoft & jTDS JDBC driver broken after update to 1.6.0_29

  2. System Requirements for JDBC 

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