Microsoft – Windows 7 (x64) – HP LaserJ 2100 – Can’t we all get along

Microsoft – Windows 7 (x64) – HP LaserJ 2100 – Can’t we all get along

Another self betrothed Insomnia Night.

Started off last night.  Went online looking for a nice dinner to take the old lady.
Found a bunch in San Francisco, but wasn’t so sure as I knew the local team is
playing for the NFC Championship and so places might be crowded or we
might just get caught in Traffic.

Tried to float riding Bart.  But, newly done hair and rain does not work for
most ladies.

And, so make a long story short, visited “Check Please SF” ( and checked out a bunch
of restaurants.

Made a good long list with web sites, phone numbers, and hours
of Operations; especially for Sunday Nights.

Next in line is to print – Connected to printer server using UNC (\\myprintserver\hplaserj).

But, no printer drivers, etc.

Stupid error messages:

Windows can't find a driver for HP LaserJet 2100 PCL6 on the
To locate one manually, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel and
consult your network administrator or the printer manufacturer's

Visited Control Panel, Device Manager and tried to add printer manually:

  1. Control Panel \ System \ Device Manager
  2. Once in “Device Manager”, clicked on menu items “Add Legacy Hardware”
  3. In the “Add Hardware” window, choose to “Install the Hardware that I manually select” — This is only option as printer is not physically connected to laptop
  4. In the “Common hardware types” window, select “Printers”
  5. In the “Choose a printer port” choose LTPI, unless you are using your printer is accessible via network and you have a TCP/IP Address and port, etc”

Attempt Vendor’s (HP) Print Driver

On the Print Server, Initiate Add Driver

  • Access Control Panel
  • Access Printers and Faxes Applet
  • Choose to view “remote printers”
  • Wait until the printers are shown
  • Right click on your printer and choose “properties”
  • In the “Properties” window, access the “Sharing Tab”
  • Choose the “Additional Drivers…” button
  • Ensure that you have selected all the Drivers for each Processor Architecture (x86, x64)
  • For each missing OS (that you need supported), click on the “Add…” button

In our case, the x64 driver was not previously chosen.




Download HP Printer Driver – x64 bit

In our case, our Printer is an HP LaserJet 2100

We downloaded the x64 bit Driver from:

Tried HP Printer Driver – x64 bit

And, extracted it.

But, as we pointed to it we got an error message:

The specified location does not contain the driver HP LaserJet 2100 for the requested processor architecture.







What provided best relieve are these steps:


Print Server

You might need Windows 2003 x64 Server, Windows 2008 x64 server CD depending on the OS that is running on your print server.

So go your Print Server, place the Windows 2003 x 64, Windows 2008 x64 CD, etc in your CD plate or install from Network Location.




On your Client box, MS Windows 2012 x64 box in our case, try connecting to your Network Printer once again.

This time you should receive an option asking whether you will like to “Install Driver”.


Please choose the “Install Driver” option.

Kind of reminds me of “Steve Winwords – Back in the HighLife” again.





References – Related:

HP LaserJet, Color LaserJet, and LaserJet AiO/MFP Products –



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