Microsoft – Windows – XP – Service Pack (sp3) Install failure ( unable to copy wxpsp2rd.mst)

Microsoft – Windows – XP – Service Pack (sp3) Install failure ( An error occurried while  copying wxpsp2rd.mst)

Since yesterday, while trying to bring back a “dead” laptop, I have being getting an error stating (An error occurried while  copying wxpsp2rd.mst).

Tried a few things:

  1. Installation via “MS Windows Update”
  2. Installation via downloaded Network Exe (update.exe)
  3. Using msconfig.exe, tried barebones startup by choosing “Selective Startup”

But, all led to frustration.

So rolled-back to SP2 by using “Control-panel” \ “Add and Remove Programs”.

Re-started install and launched SysInternals “Program Monitor”:

And, we ended  up with a bit more information as to why the install was failing.



Tried a few things to be able to access c:\windows\installer\tsclientmsitrans folder, but was always denied.

The only way to gain access was to follow the steps documented in “

If the security tab isn’t visible on any of your folder properties in XP, you may have “Use Simple File Sharing” selected in your Folder Options.

  1. Open Explorer and go to Tools>Folder Options.
  2. Click the “View” tab and scroll to the bottom of the listbox with the heading “Advanced Settings”.
  3. Clear the “Use Simple File Sharing” checkbox.

Once file and folder security settings is available:

  1. Access the folder ( c:\windows\installer\)
  2. Right click on tsclientmsitrans and take ownership of that folder (by granting ownership to the Administrator group)
  3. With the Administrator Group having ownership you should be able to change the folder level permissions


BTW, this problem is probably due to a virus knocking out permissions on the c:\windows\installer\tsclientmsitrans folder.



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