Microsoft – SQLServer – Backup not occurring (due to SQLServerAgent Cluster Resource Configuration)

Reviewed backup history on a couple of servers this morning and noticed that or one of the servers backup was not occuring.

Upon closer examination determined that SQLServerAgent was stopped.

Reviewed SQL Server Agent history log and discovered this entry:

[408] SQL Server DBSALES is clustered - AutoRestart has been disabled



Knowing that the Cluster Resource, SQLServerAgent, is disabled we chose the launch Cluster Administrator and changed the resource’s setting:


  1. Launched Cluster Administrator
  2. Selected the Resource, SQL ServerAgent in this case
  3. Right click on the resource and selected “Properties” from the drop-down menu
  4. In the “properties” window, selected the “Advanced” Tab
  5. And, as expected, the resource was actually configured to “Do not restart”
  6. Changed resource to “Restart”
  7. Saved the changes
  8. And, went ahead and brought the resource online

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