Quest – LiteSpeed – Large Log Files

Quest – LiteSpeed – Large Log Files

Quest LiteSpeed allows us to drastically reduce the size of our Microsoft SQL Server backup files.  And, so we use it quite a bit.

It runs well behind the scenes.  But, occasionally there is one setting you might want to keep an eye on.

That setting is the default “ErrorLogPath”.

On one of our machines, the system folder, kept filling up. We really could not find the culprit. Is it this or that:

  1. Is it Microsoft SQL Server Temp folder per the Service  Account  – Especially per hugh ETL jobs (Excel file loading, bcp, etc)
  2. Is it one of the other services – Backup

Nothing that easy to find…

Tried to list for “hugh” files on the system drive — Nothing too big.

Finally, limited our search to looking for *.log files.  And, then we found it:

So now we know that we have a couple of big files in the “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Quest Software\LiteSpeed\SQL Server” folder.

Next thought is to determine how can we change the logging location from our system path (C:) to somewhere else less “strategic” to system uptime.

Of coure Googled it.

Can Litespeed log activity to a UNC path?

So launched regedit and navigated to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Imceda\SQLLiteSpeed\Engine

Note that it is still under Imceda and not the new owner “Quest Software”.

Changed the folder listed in “ErrorlogPath” entry and stopped all running Quest Applications such as SqlLiteSpeedx32.  The original log files can not be deleted if the Application using\writing to them is not terminated.  Unless you ….

Anyways stopped the current SQL Backup Job and now orphaned “app” as noted in previous paragraph.

Will re-start the SQL backup job  and hope to have Quest use the new folder….

Only now if I know

  1. Why the Quest Log files are over 14 GB
  2. How to set a wrap around limit on the size of the Quest Log file
  3. How to disable logging


  1. Can Litespeed log activity to a UNC path?
  2. ENHANCEMENT REQUEST – How to set default path for LiteSpeed log file during the Installation process?

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