Microsoft – SQL Server – Adding “Reporting Services” to existing Install (MS SQL Server – v2008/R2)

As always, it was a full \ honest working day in MS SQL Server Orbit.

Tried adding “Reporting Services” to an existing Clustered Install.

First Route tried:

Launched setup from Command Line. Was going through the steps, but ended up in a lately all too likely place:

Rule Check Result

Rule “Existing clustered or cluster-prepared instance” failed.

The instance selected for installation is already installed and clustered on computer CLUSNODE2. To continue, select a different instance to cluster.

Best Route (worked):

  1. Went Google
  2. Found Jim Prince’s ( Jim Posterous’s Blog) posting –“”
  3. Jim’s original solution is:

    setup /q /ACTION=install /FEATURES=RS /InstanceName=MSSQLSERVER 

  1. Setup complained about missing entries:
  2. Changed Setup invocation to:
  setup /q 
         /FEATURES=RS /InstanceName=MSSQLSERVER_RS 
         /INSTANCEDIR="E:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server"



Nice one – Google & Jim

Now I can do the impossible – Go home on time

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