Microsoft – SQL Server – SSIS – ADO Net Destination – Error (0xC0208452)

While documenting Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services support for Oracle I ran into a rather “vexing” problem.

I added an ADO.Net Destination data source, but when I tried to do a quick debugging session inside the Designer, I kept getting this error:


[ADO NET Destination [86]] Error: ADO NET Destination has failed to acquire the connection {B8D231F8-8277-48E0-9546-EE787DC13AFE}. The connection may have been corrupted.

[SSIS.Pipeline] Error: component “ADO NET Destination” (86) failed validation and returned error code 0xC0208452.


Goggled a bit, but nothing exact \ relevant. I knew that my Oracle DB is local and it is the XE version and so the TNS Name (XE) resolved quite easily.

After a while I checked my OS Version and confirmed that is MS Windows 2008 / 64-bit. And, so I ended up accessing the “Projects” property and changing the “Run64BitRuntime” to true.

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