Microsoft – Windows – Task Manager – Missing Functionality

As Fridays ago, another busy one.  Many things due, unlikely to finish even 1.

But, still a co-worker showed up and asked whether I still have use of my Task Manager.  I went to his cube and as he was not too happy about why he suddenly could not use his Task Manager anyone.

I thought I was  on to to something when I noticed that the Task Manager showed up on the screen of a multi-monitor setup.  But, he keep asking me to see that the Task Manager was missing:

  1. The various Tabs – just the process showed

He dryly commented that may be the System Administrators had taken away his ability to ‘Kill Processes’ since he frequently used that ability.

I thought may it was a virus and he agreed that it might be, as well.

Tried googling it, but did not know what to google for.

Finally, stumbled upon something on the NET.

On Yahoo Answers (, Asker replied:

“Try double-clicking in the space between the frame and the box”.

Fumbled around trying to do so, and mirracously the Task Manager re-appeared in its full glory.


  1. How do I reset the task manager to default settings?

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