Quick, Quick Copy of datafiles across WAN

As I tried to sneak off for a late Post Office run, ran into the Director.

He was standing, guarding the elevator.  Not quite, but I still thought it best to let him know how I am doing with one of his more pressing project.

Told him the database engine is installed and now I am starting with copying the database files from the old system unto the new one.

He asked me how much longer would it take and I really wanted to let him know that I wish I knew.

But, did not think he was in much mood for the vulgarity of my usual “smart remarks”.

As so upon returning from the Post Office run, I  goggled for “copy fast windows 2003”.

I ran into a few promising links.  The one that caught my eye was from the SQLTeam.com


Since the database files are MS SQL Server data and log files, I thought I might as well peruse MS SQL Server related blog.

Well, it proved to be useful and now I have a few more more utilities to add to Robocopy.

  1. FastCopy
  2. Code Sector – TeraCopy

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