A sad christmas

I was visiting with friends this Christmas as I heard the news about the young Nigerian man who tried to bomb a plane.

Through all the tragedy I found comfort in a song I discovered earlier that week.

The song was written by Leslie Satcher and a bit of the background is detailed below:

It begins in Pittsburgh on election night 2006. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), losing to Democrat Robert P. Casey Jr. by a wide margin, gathered his wife and six children around a hotel ballroom microphone and conceded.

The little girl at his side, Sarah Maria Santorum, then 8, wept. She squeezed her eyes and wiped her tears. She buried her face in her father’s arm, pulled away and cried some more — all on live, national television.

As blogs parsed and parodied the image — some gleefully made fun of it, others questioned the wisdom of putting a distraught child in front of the camera — Satcher went to church.

Her pastor held up the Bible:

For these times in which we live, you are going to need this book’ he said.

Satcher scribbled the words into the back of her book.

Courtesy of elyrics, the first stanza is pasted below:

Martina McBride – For These Times

In these times in which we live
Where the worst of what we live
Is laid out for all the world on the front page
And the sound of someone’s heartbreak
Is a soundbite at the news break
With a close shot of the tears rollin’ down their face
Blessed be the child who turns a loving eye
And stops to pray
For these times in which we live

For the next few days, I searched for peace within the reality of evil.

As I spoke to my parents after church on Sunday I started to recognize a thread of hope.

Heaven knows how parents struggle for teachable moments with their children.

Embedded in this story is that of a parent, a father, who shared private moments with God.

And, he recognized God’s voice and urging to get his house in order.

Rather than to lay asleep and hope for the best, he did not and could not find sleep until he approached the US and British consulate about a parent’s worst fears.

I thank God that the shedding of innocent blood shall not be one of the many sins counted against him and especially us (at those horrific hours).

And, for the son I join him in thanking God for all of our many un-answered prayers.


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